Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Life has been so chaotic lately that I've let my blogging time slip! These last few months have been crazy, life changing, and truly an adventure in the truest sense. So here is a bit of a wrap up of the time I've missed.

In October, my sweet aunt and friend passed away rather suddenly. This absolutley rocked my world. I felt like my link to my father's side of the family was suddenly gone. She was kind of the in between person between myself and others. Even now I am struggling with this loss of contact and how to put past the hurt of the past and reconnect with those that I know I so badly need in my life.

Some of my greatest memories of us together were of the long weekends and weeks in the summer I spent with her. There's the time that it was absolutley freezing outside and we went through the drive through at What-A-Burger and ordered the largest Dr. Pepper they had. When we sat it in the cupholder the cup spilled all over me. We jumped out of the car and found blankets to wrap up in.

Another fun memory is the family reuions that we would go to together. My aunt was never much of the cook. So on our way to the reuion we stopped by Golden Corale and got some of their wonderful rolls. When we got back to the car she had come prepared with her own dish to put them into. Everyone loved the rolls she made ;)

And the time, I laughed so hard walking through Penney's that I peed in my pants! Enough said.

More than anything if I could tell her anything today it would be this. Thank you Na for your love and consistancy after the death of my father. Thank you for not forgetting about me and for always being there for me. Thank you for loving me unconditionally. Thank you for being the link between me and others. Thank you for loving my children. I got to see a glimpse of how my Daddy would have fallen in love with them through your eyes.

I'm a bit jealous that you are with Daddy and Papaw now. I can't wait for my moment to hug you and to truly tell you thank you. I promise I am going to do better with all my contacts and do my part in keeping in contact with everyone.

I love you Na...

Friday, August 20, 2010

Kaleb is nine months old!!

This month has definitley been a month full of adventure in the Biggs' home. I can't believe our sweet baby boy is nine months old! It is just gone by so fast! Kaleb weighs 18 pounds now and is in a size three diaper.

He has picked up a new love for balls this month too. He loves soccor balls, baseballs, and footballs. Actually any kind of ball. He has figured out that he can kind of toss it and chase it and thinks this is the best game ever! He also got to watch his first pre season Cowboys game with Daddy a few nights ago. Notice Daddy's tee and Kaleb's Cowboys's football? Guy time!

He has also been able to try new foods this month. Some of his favorites include any kind of fruit or veggie (especially sweet potatoes), bits of pancakes, eggs, toast, did I say pancakes?? This boy loves his pancakes!

He has to be the sweetest boy on the face of the planet! Look at those beautiful blue eyes! His sweet little personality has really taken off this month. He is so laid back and easy going. He loves to laugh and play with his sister. He thinks she is funny, most of the time anyway! He also loves our families new sneezing game. Mommy, Daddy, and Kaylee walk around sneezing just to hear him laugh. We'll do anything to get a laugh out of him.

Oh, this is one of his newest favorite things to do....

and his favorite hiding place is underneath the high chair. I'll have to get a picture of this for a later post!

Happy Nine Months to my sweet baby boy! I love you more than words can say :)

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Kaylee is 32 Months Old!

Kaylee Sharon Biggs

As I am writing this, I am currently fighting my smart, fun, beautiful daughter about going to bed. Usually going to bed at night is a pretty easy affair but not tonight! She is also not liking her naptime to much either! She has taken off her pajama bottoms twice so that she can come in and have me put them on for her. She has used every excuse in the book "Mommy rock," "Mommy drink," "Mommy hugs and kisses!" The last one tends to work :) How can a Mommy refuse that? I am hoping that this is just a quick phase that she is going through! Sleep has not been our friend lately!

She absolutley loves to sing. Some of her favorites are: Jesus Loves Me, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Itsy Bitsy Spider, The Teddy Bear Song, and the ABC's. She is also beginning to love to dance and shake her booty!

This is a video of Kaylee singing Jesus Loves Me in the bathtime while playing with Kaleb :)

Her favorite foods are chips and hot sauce, "hog gogs" (hot dogs), la la's (enchiladas), spaghetti, and pretty much any other food that does not contain a vegetable. Though she does love a salad.

She has finally figured out how to ride her tricyle! She is such a big girl ;) She is also able to put her flip flops on by herself.

Kaylee has really started enjoying games such as a Mommy created version of "Memory." I made her little cards with all of the animals on them and she has to remember where they are and find a match. She loves it! Her Daddy even found a version of the game on his iPod for her to play! She also loves books. She finished her summer reading program this month. We read 50 library books together over the summer. This number doesn't even include the ones from home we read on a daily basis.

She LOVES Disney Princesses especially Cinderella. I even learned today that she wants to be Cinderella for Halloween. We recently got her a toddler bed set of the Princesses, know she truely has a princess bed. Everything is "Rella" these days! Also she loves to play kitchen. She makes breakfast, lunch, and dinner for anyone who is hungry around here.

Probably, the greatest thing of this month has been her new love for Jesus and the Bible. She loves reading her Bible and learning about Jesus. She really loves going to church to "learn Jesus." We have begun family devotionals at night to help her learn even more. So far we have talked about Noah and about Prayer.

My sweet baby girl amazes me more and more everyday. There are no words to describe how much I love her! I love her sweet spirit and her outgoing personality. I even love her moments when her "two year old personality" shines! I can't wait to experience life with her and to watch her grow.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Cookies and Creme Cupcakes

I couldn't help but share this recipe for Cookies and Creme Cupcakes with you! They were so yummy and my family really enjoyed them. The bottom of the cupcake liners are filled with one half of an Oreo and the batter is homemade :) I cheated on the icing and did store bought but the recipe called for homemade icing as well!

These were absolutely delicious! They will definitely be made again in the Biggs' house :)

For the actual recipe check out this website:


Prayer Book

For our devotions a couple of nights ago I made Kaylee a prayer book. In it I put "I am thankful for"...(Mommy, Daddy, Mimi, Grammy Tammy, and My Family). She is learning about prayer in the simplest and most beautiful way. She is learning that prayer is simply talking to Jesus and that we can pray for those we love and we can pray over things that hurt us.

That night while laying her down to go to sleep she told me that she had a boo boo on her knee. So I asked her if she wanted Mommy to pray over it. She said yes and I did. Then before walking out of the room she asked me to pray over every possible "boo boo" on her body! Then today, she saw a scrape on her Daddy's leg and asked him if he had a boo boo and she said, pray? So she prayed over her Daddy's boo boo. I believe it was honestly the sweetest and most beautiful thing I have ever experienced.

I am so thankful that God put two beautiful children in my care. I take very seriously the command to raise your children up in the Lord. I want my life to be a model for my children. That is my greatest prayer!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

This is How We Overcome!

Last night we had our first Praise and Prayer party at Regents. It was such an amazing experience. I can truly say that I had forgotten how wonderful it is to gather with those who believe as you do to encourage and pray for one another. We just shared with one another the issues that we are facing and prayed together about these issues. As we were praying, a lyric of a song was playing repeatedly. The verse was "this is how we overcome!" I feel like God was telling me that prayer and coming together with other Christians is how we overcome life's troubles. We have to let go and let God take over. Once we finally let go, we allow God ultimate control. Learning to let go of our control isn't easy but it is so worth it. Also, we shouldn't have to face life's struggles on our own. Others have walked down the same path. Learn from their mistakes or successes! Let them speak wisdom into your life.
I am so thankful for my sisters in Christ that were there to lift me up and encourage me in my walk with the Lord. God has put my family in the most wonderful place to grow and to heal. Prayer is truly how we OVERCOME!

The Journey Begins

My journey has only been twenty six years in the making but I have had so many experiences that I would like to share with others. I want my friends and family to know my true heart and create a lasting memory of my journey through my life for my children. I am continuing my journey of becoming the woman whom God intends for me to be. This blog will reflect my heart and what I am going through. It might be about lessons I have learned so far in parenting or maybe the journey I am walking through in my faith. Some days, it could be about a new recipe we've tried or some new creation that I've come up with. It may seem a bit random, but that's me, a bit random at times! So here journey has begun!