Saturday, August 14, 2010

Kaylee is 32 Months Old!

Kaylee Sharon Biggs

As I am writing this, I am currently fighting my smart, fun, beautiful daughter about going to bed. Usually going to bed at night is a pretty easy affair but not tonight! She is also not liking her naptime to much either! She has taken off her pajama bottoms twice so that she can come in and have me put them on for her. She has used every excuse in the book "Mommy rock," "Mommy drink," "Mommy hugs and kisses!" The last one tends to work :) How can a Mommy refuse that? I am hoping that this is just a quick phase that she is going through! Sleep has not been our friend lately!

She absolutley loves to sing. Some of her favorites are: Jesus Loves Me, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Itsy Bitsy Spider, The Teddy Bear Song, and the ABC's. She is also beginning to love to dance and shake her booty!

This is a video of Kaylee singing Jesus Loves Me in the bathtime while playing with Kaleb :)

Her favorite foods are chips and hot sauce, "hog gogs" (hot dogs), la la's (enchiladas), spaghetti, and pretty much any other food that does not contain a vegetable. Though she does love a salad.

She has finally figured out how to ride her tricyle! She is such a big girl ;) She is also able to put her flip flops on by herself.

Kaylee has really started enjoying games such as a Mommy created version of "Memory." I made her little cards with all of the animals on them and she has to remember where they are and find a match. She loves it! Her Daddy even found a version of the game on his iPod for her to play! She also loves books. She finished her summer reading program this month. We read 50 library books together over the summer. This number doesn't even include the ones from home we read on a daily basis.

She LOVES Disney Princesses especially Cinderella. I even learned today that she wants to be Cinderella for Halloween. We recently got her a toddler bed set of the Princesses, know she truely has a princess bed. Everything is "Rella" these days! Also she loves to play kitchen. She makes breakfast, lunch, and dinner for anyone who is hungry around here.

Probably, the greatest thing of this month has been her new love for Jesus and the Bible. She loves reading her Bible and learning about Jesus. She really loves going to church to "learn Jesus." We have begun family devotionals at night to help her learn even more. So far we have talked about Noah and about Prayer.

My sweet baby girl amazes me more and more everyday. There are no words to describe how much I love her! I love her sweet spirit and her outgoing personality. I even love her moments when her "two year old personality" shines! I can't wait to experience life with her and to watch her grow.