Friday, August 20, 2010

Kaleb is nine months old!!

This month has definitley been a month full of adventure in the Biggs' home. I can't believe our sweet baby boy is nine months old! It is just gone by so fast! Kaleb weighs 18 pounds now and is in a size three diaper.

He has picked up a new love for balls this month too. He loves soccor balls, baseballs, and footballs. Actually any kind of ball. He has figured out that he can kind of toss it and chase it and thinks this is the best game ever! He also got to watch his first pre season Cowboys game with Daddy a few nights ago. Notice Daddy's tee and Kaleb's Cowboys's football? Guy time!

He has also been able to try new foods this month. Some of his favorites include any kind of fruit or veggie (especially sweet potatoes), bits of pancakes, eggs, toast, did I say pancakes?? This boy loves his pancakes!

He has to be the sweetest boy on the face of the planet! Look at those beautiful blue eyes! His sweet little personality has really taken off this month. He is so laid back and easy going. He loves to laugh and play with his sister. He thinks she is funny, most of the time anyway! He also loves our families new sneezing game. Mommy, Daddy, and Kaylee walk around sneezing just to hear him laugh. We'll do anything to get a laugh out of him.

Oh, this is one of his newest favorite things to do....

and his favorite hiding place is underneath the high chair. I'll have to get a picture of this for a later post!

Happy Nine Months to my sweet baby boy! I love you more than words can say :)